4 Products Only Skin-Care Routine to keep Acne under Control

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How to look good in your Second Trimester of Pregnancy – Fashion Tips

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Deco Wednesday : How to style your bed and sleep happy – Pillows

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Travel Tuesday: Amazing Food, Temples and Pink Taxis [Bangkok in 3 photos]

  That, in one word, is Bangkok. And here are 3 images that pop into my head when I think about this amazing city.

Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Originally posted on Erica the Great:
I’m about as Type A as they come, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’ve been mentally packing my hospital bag for weeks. Even though I’m not due…

15 minute dinner Recipe – Tagliatelle with Salmon and Parsley

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Pink flowers and Light Blue Nails

Ain’t nothing like a fresh manicure and some pretty flowers to lift your spirit for the day! L’oreal Color Riche 858 Ocean Porcelaine How to shape your nails into a squoval: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY5yuk3QV28    … Continue reading

The Happy Baby: 10 Practical but still Stylish Newborn Outfits

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Fashion Friday – Platform Sneakers – March 2015 Picks

Platform Sneakers are so in this spring. We like them cause they’re super comfy and you can wear them with almost anything: jeans, long skirts and dresses. 1. H&M Fabric Shoes, 14.95$ http://www.hm.com/us/product/87910?article=87910-A 2. H&M Suede… Continue reading

Step by step guide to starting your own Bullet Journal

I love keeping everything organized, and crossing things off a list has an unique effect over my self-esteem. But at some point I felt I needed a better system than the plain old… Continue reading